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Brian's mission is to create works of art that inspire value and hope for individuals, communities and future generations; educating us about the beneficial impact of working with reclaimed materials.


All of our actions are interconnected and vital to our survival on this planet. Awakening as many people as possible to this reality is, therefore, increasingly important. By utilizing objects that would otherwise be discarded in landfill or forgotten places, he sheds light on the hidden potential of our refuse to literally take on a second life. He seeks to educate through his work on how better product design can and will eventually eliminate the end of lifespan for many man-made objects, an indispensable step in creating a sustainable environment worldwide for generations to come.


Enright and his art clearly demonstrate that simple changes in our thinking can effect positive changes in our culture and environment.

jamie e. does

When people stop connecting to their inherent creativity, the world is robbed of potential. When earlier days in art classes, wood shop, or just making stuff in your garage are left behind, a once important part of you is often left empty. The impact is not trivial.  

Jamie's mission is to bring people back to their "art" and (re)discover how that can create unexpected changes personally and professionally.

Jamie thrives at the intersection of business transformation and the arts. For the past 18 years, he has worked with senior leaders and their teams in Fortune 50 - 500 companies, non-profits, and educational institutions, helping them accelerate their business and IT transformations through a visual methodology. It was during this period when he discovered how many people long to return to the days when they worked with their hands and made art.


Jamie has an MA in Organizational Psychology and Development and a BA in Fine/Studio Arts and is also returning more to his sculpture days through this endeavor. Can't wait to see you in the shop!

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