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Welcome to the Enright Sculpture WOrkshop

Spend three days working alongside a master metal sculptor and designer and create an iconic piece of functional art. 


The Three Day Metal Sculpture Workshop

Lace up your boots, put on your leather, power on the welder and get ready to sculpt with metal and fire! Learn the tools and techniques to bring your inner artist to life. Join us all in from Friday to Sunday and you'll be blown away by what is possible.


There’s nothing like metal and fire as a creative medium. Beyond the fantastic possibilities that arise out of the power to cut, shape and join solid steel, fire and metal connect us to raw elemental forces. We are ready to share that world with you and be your guides in a world class studio on the San Francisco Bay!


See you in the shop! 

Brian Enright and Jamie E. Does

This is an all inclusive creative retreat

Your time with us includes: (1) All tool/design instruction and materials, (2) all meals provided by our private chef and (3) two nights in a Victorian house with water views