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Straight off the Press

Neither Created, Nor Destroyed was fortunate enough to be featured in 18 different media outlets prior to the closing show!

What was that like? Well it was a combination of things. We didn’t know what, if anything would come back from our PR and outreach. And we didn’t ever know when we would find out. So each time it happened was both a surprise and a gift. And some of the features were much more involved or exciting than others so sometimes it would be good to know that we made it, sometimes I would freak out because some information was printed wrong and my worried mind wanted to immediately reach out and try to change. Sometimes I would freak out because it looked so awesome! It was like the dopamine hit of social media on steroids, not quite adrenochrome. Someone else acknowledging A) the fact that I am an artist doing a show, B) that they are recommending people for me to come to my show C) that they are using our photos and actually writing up their own bit about us and D) that some of these outlets (like the Chronicle’s Datebook) are things that I have been reading and known about since my childhood looking in the pink section!

It was pretty cool. It definitely felt like the hard work that we had done to get everything prepared and ready for our PR team was paying off.

And then sometimes that would happen 3 times in a day. And other times we would hear that a journalist was going to make it and then they cancelled at the last minute. So really I had to just continue to do my best and continue to work as if this is the only show I will ever do in my lifetime. Our time here is short. We don’t know when it will end. It was great to get some hits and some acknowledgement, but it wasn’t why I was doing the show in the first place. And whether it happened or not, I still was going to make the opening happen. So, I am grateful for it and hope to keep the momentum going, and continue working on myself to see what can come out of this lifetime and the work that can be made before I shuffle off.

I hope it can in any way, inspire you to do the same!

Also! I am having an in-studio Sculpture talk at my shop on September 28th from 5:30-7pm.

It is a free event but there are only limited spaces available.

Register over at if you would like to learn more about the process behind making large scale gallery level artwork! Or just want to ask some questions!

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