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This is When Nostalgia Sets In...

It’s been a couple weeks now, and typically this is when the nostalgia sets in from the show. It’s been taken down. Pieces have gone to their owners or are on to new adventures.

So before we get all depressed we wanted to share a little bit more of the magic that was captured there as well as tell you about what is coming up with an incredible recap video by our freakishly talented videographer @larrycheuk.

It’s a weird experience to have someone shoot this much video of you. And then to see it like this in such amazing production quality. Thankfully Larry is a close friend and we could laugh through all the “hero shots.” An outtake/banter compilation may need to happen.

Also…We ended up doing a number of things at Neither Created Nor Destroyed that were a bit unconventional. One of these was the Q&A that we had between my Producer Jason Brown and myself. A number of people told me, that was their favorite part of the opening night.

We will be following up on this with a smaller Q&A gathering at my shop sometime in August. It will be a free event and a more intimate setting there with a max of 20 people. We will send out an invitation in the next few weeks and it will be a first come first serve basis so please sign up quick if you are interested!

And finally, (so you can see the pieces we are talking about) we have added a gallery of photos from the show to the website, as well as each of the pieces created for NCND in the photos courtesy of @jahsaudi.

Check them out here:

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