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Co-Inspirators - Paul Pope

It's been a while since I have sent out a newsletter and I'm doing this a little different. In the past, I've been secretive, almost protective about my inspirations, heroes and mentors. I’m finally in a place where I’m like, “why?” So, I’m starting out by sharing one of my favorites, who you might think is unexpected, but has shown me so much and has opened my eyes to all kinds of artists, new inspirations, ways of pushing myself and being an artist in my own unique way.

Paul Pope is a legendary graphic novelist and artist. He totally re-envisioned, Batman for DC comics in 2006, he then went on to create ad campaigns for DKNY, Diesel, GQ and the White Stripes. Yes, he is a comic artist and that may seem like a stretch as an inspiration, but I am a comic geek and the worlds and ideas he has created have had huge impacts on me, the elements of how I create and think of certain pieces or aspects of them.

Here he is in his studio, which in and of itself I find inspiring. Plus he's a rock & f’n roller, so yeah. Enjoy and I hope you get some stoke from this too. And definitely check him out! 100%, Batman Year 100 and Battling Boy are all choice. I still want to read Heavy Liquid and THB.

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