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Protect Our Winters

Here is something that combines two things I love. Snowboarding and saving the planet : ]

Like a bunch of us, who grew up in the bay area and were fortunate to be so close to Tahoe during the el nino years of epicness, I have been snowboarding for almost 20 years. The mountains and a love affair with winter are a part of the fabric of my being. The impact of climate change on winters has been very apparent over the last two decades and so when I learned about Protect our Winters (POW) (founded by backcountry snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones) and their mission, I was all in.

“Our goal is to mobilize the snow-sports community to create the political will for climate action. Throughout the year, we elevate the voices of our 23 million strong snow-sports community, the $62 billion industry and our pro-athletes at the highest levels in Washington to urge lawmakers to support strong climate policy, such as The Clean Power Plan. We continually leverage our voice to maintain a presence at the state and federal level through the most creative and effective means possible.”

I am happy to announce that they have partnered with me for my upcoming, "Neither Created, Nor Destroyed" sculpture show, created from only found or salvaged materials that were going to the trash or recycler; we are working together in the quest to bring exposure, thought and action for people to make, around how they live and relate to our planet. There will be more info at the show as well.

Aside from coming to the show, and testing what you thought was possible with the “trash” of our world, check out their list of simple, actionable things that you can do starting TODAY, to help change your impact on the planet, climate and trash mindset here:

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